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Hajj Services

Personalized Services

  • Visa approval & stamping, Hotel accommodation, Ticketing & Flight reservation.
  • Health Certificates and Document attestation (if required).
  • Assisting our customers in all formalities from Pakistan to Saudia Arabia.
  • Meet & Assist Services in Saudi airports on arrival & departure.
  • Other specialized services such as VIP handling upon arrival, etc. Arrangements available upon pre-notified request.

Mandatory Conditions

The following are the mandatory conditions for applicants.

  • International Machine Readable Pakistani Passport, valid upto 31-03-2014
  • Medical fitness certificate attested by a Medical Officer of any hospital or medical facility of the federal / provincial or local government / Armed Forces, semi-government organization / autonomous body / Corporation.
  • As per Saudi Taleemat, every women should accompany a mehram for Hajj 2013.
  • As per Saudi Taleemat, vaccination against meningitis and seasonal flu would be ensured before departure to KSA
  • Any person who has performed Hajj during the last five years shall not be eligible for Hajj 2013 except the following
    • I   Applicant is proceeding as Mehram of a lady who has not performed Hajj earlier and she has no other Mehram.
      II   Applicant is proceeding as a group leader who shall not be less than 40 or more than 60 years of age and undertakes the responsibility of facilitating the members of his group through close liaison with the Hajj Mission.
      III   Applicant is performing Hajj-e-Badal provided application is submitted within due date.
      IV   In the event of a pilgrim demise during his/her stay in KSA, whether natural or accidental, he or she would be buried in Saudi Arabia as per local practice prevailing in the Kingdom.

Terms and Conditions

Documents Required

  • Passport valid till March 31st 2014 with 2 blank pages together.
  • Ten 4x3cm size photographs (without borders) with light blue background.
  • Copy of National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA.
  • Copy of National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA of Next of Kin of Applicant/ Hujjaj.
  • Blood report of applicant mentioning the blood group of the Hujjaj certified by authenticated hospital/Laboratory.
  • In case of female applicant the relation with Male applicant to be defined / mentioned in the documents.
  • Contact details, i.e., Cell number, residence number &/or office number of the applicant and next of kin of the applicant.

Special Attention

  • Hajj Package will be specifying departure and return dates, dates of stay in Makkah and Medina and type of accommodation / transportation required.
  • Full package price payable at the time of filing above travel plan.
  • llla-Mashaallah Travels will try its utmost to meet the departure / arrival dates and accomodation requirements by the customer, but reserves the right to make minor adjustments due to airline flight shcedules or availability constraints.
  • Complete journey must be performed as per booked dates and plan - any deviation will result in non-refundable cancellation of unused services.
  • Standard Package Rates are exclusive of meals / charges of personal nature / ziarat / document attestation or any special requests.

For complete details of packages rates / selected properties for each package category, choice of transport and airline fares please contact our nearest office.

Documentation Charges and Cacellation Terms

Additional Charges apply for the following:

  • Health Cards produced
  • Relationship affidavits attestation.
  • Attestation of Nikkah Nama / Birth Certificate etc.
  • Rejection of Ministry of Hajj ( MOH ) approved cases by Saudi Consulates in Pakistan.
  • Name corrections / change on passport or renewal of passport.
  • No- travel / refund request of MOH approved cases.
  • Non-travel / refund request of visa stamped cases.
  • NO-SHOW or cancellation intimated after the departure of flight.
  • Any special / additional services required beyond standard package.